Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Arrivers Training #1

After a good nights rest these missionaries are ready to get to work!  Here with their 
Trainers who will teach them well.Sister Starling, Sister Wang, Sister Fossett, Sister
Tokuma, Sister Jackman, Sister Saoloto Faalavaau, Sister Samita, Sister Sua, Sister
Auatabu, and Sister Afualo. Elder Ruppe, Elder Pickett, Elder Miller, Elder Uili,
Elder Burdge, Elder Tauti, Elder Bryner, Elder and Sister Anderson.
Sister Starling, Sister Wang, Sister Saoloto, Sister Jackman.
Sister Samita, Sister Sua, Sister Tokuma, Sister Fossett, Sister Afualo and Sister Auatabu.
Great leaders, great Trainers, and wonderful new missionaries. the Lords very best!
We are so blessed in the Australia Adelaide mission.
After waiting an extra week to get General Conference in Australia-we can't wait
To hear the words of our General Authorites who we love and sustain.
Oh how we love and sustain these great Prophets. 

We invite all to Come Unto Christ.  By listening to our Prophet and those who have
Been called to be special witnesses of Christ, you will feel His love and peace will
Fill your soul . 
We were so sad to hear in between sessions on Sunday that Elder Robert D. Hales
Of the Quorum of the Twelve apostles had passed away. We love you Elder
Hales.  the things you have taught us and your Christlike example will live on.

President Parker and I were so excited to get to hear General Conference that when it
Was time to go, we got out on the porch and I looked down at Presidents feet and he 
Still had his gym shoes on.  Doesn't go too well with a suit!
But, he was very excited when the assistants showed up to give him his new badge!  

Arrivers dinner

Later that day, Sister Smith gets a hand from Sister Anderson with preparing the 
Dinner for new missionaries.  
Sister Gilligan also helped by preparing these beautiful vegetable trays.
Sister Sua and Sister Tokuma keep busy while dinner is being prepared by singing
Some beautiful hymns.
Elder Anderson welcoming Elder Tauti and Elder Uili!
Dinner is served.... and sisters first, always!
A tired bunch of missionaries but smiling still!  
After dinner, the missionaries pick up their bikes and their bedding and they are off!!
The mission adventure begins!

New Missionaries and new Senior Couple!!!

We arrived at the mission office, had a little lunch, a small orientation and then more
Sister Auatabu
Sister Sua
Sister Tokuma
Elder Tauti
Elder Uili
We also celebrated as we welcomed these 2 new great missionaries arriving to the mission.
Elder and Sister Reeves from Kangaroo Island have joined us and we are thrilled.  
They are  a miracle and answer to our prayers.  They come with great experience and
Fit perfectly .  Thank you Elder  and Sister Reeves and we look forward to many 
more miracles as we serve together.  We love you!
Elder and Sister Rohlfing are smiling  because they have been covering the office since 
The Wilsons left and have done a fabulous job.  But now they welcome Elder and Sister
Reeves who will relieve their extra duties . We are so thankful for all of these
Wonderful senior couples who come with great wisdom and experiences and a love
For the Lord. We are united in purpose!  

Tuesday, 24 October 2017


Its a grrrrrrreat day when new missionaries arrive!  Here they come-and they are smiling!
Smiles all around.  All of these missionaries came in on the same flight from Auckland,
New Zealand. What a great group.  We are blessed!
With Elder and Sister Smith who so willingly make many many trips to the airport
Picking up and dropping off missionaries.  Also Sister Judy is here to say goodbye to
A missionary and we stopped her long enough for a picture. she is so good to all of 
The missionaries.  She is loved by all. 
Introducing Sister Auatabu from Kiribati.  Our first missionary from this island.  
Welcome sister Auatabu.  We are so grateful you answered the call to serve.We love
You already.
Next is Sister Sua!  Welcome Sister!  We love that smile and are so excited to see
The miracles that are in store for you.  Sister Sua is visa waiting in our mission.  
She will be serving in the Fiji Mission when her visa comes.  We would love to 
Keep her.  Love you Sister Sua.
And this is Sister Tokuma from Apia Samoa.  Welcome to the australia Adelaide Mission
Sister Tokuma!  You will be catching the wave with us starting now!!  We love you.
Introducing Elder Tauti from Apia Samoa. With just a handshake we can tell this
Elder is ready to go to work and invite all to Come Unto Christ.  Welcome Elder
Tauti-we love you.
This great missionary is Elder Uili from Melbourne, Australia. We know this elder
Will do great things and bring many unto Christ.  Elder Uili is also visa waiting in
This mission.  We might not let him leave!!!  We love you Elder Uili!

Leadership MLC and Wilson

After Transfer Day and leaving missionaries, MLC was held with these great leaders.
Joining us on skype from Darwin was Elder Ellingson, Elder Dickson, Sister White
And Sister Caesar.  From Alice Springs is Elder Kuru and Elder Green, and from
Mildura is Elder Radovan and Elder Au Wong.  Front: President and Sister Parker,
Sister Brough, Sister Marshall, Sister Starling, Sister Draney and Sister Collins. 
Back: Elder Leutele, Elder Tigafua Elder Miller, Elder Hartman, Elder Pickett,
Elder Ruppe, Elder Masten, Elder Dietze, Elder Christy, Elder Hanley and Elder Bennion.
We love these senior missionaries.  We were saddened this week with the news that 
Elder Wilsons mother had passed away.  Circumstances were that they needed to return
Home for the funeral and to help with things after. After some unsettled days, they decided
That being closer to home to finish their mission service would be best.  They have been
Reassigned to the Chicago Illinois Mission.  We miss them already and are so grateful
For the service they have given to this mission.  They gave their all.  They  will be in our 
Prayers and we will be excited to keep in touch and hear about the hastening of the work
In the Chicago, Illinois Mission!  We love you Elder and Sister Wilson.  
Wilsons and the Withington's!


Sister Teuiras turn to leave something for us.
Thank you for the privilege of serving with you beautiful Sister Teuira.  You have 
Courage like Nephi.  We will always love you and remember all you did to hasten the 
Work here in the Australia Adelaide Mission.  Forever in our hearts.
till we meet again-love you.
The amazing Elder Christy.  Can't imagine this mission without him.  
We will miss this great missionary so much.  He has been a valiant leader and a 
Consecrated Disciple of Christ.  He has a huge heart. Loved by all-Elder Christy. 
For some reason its a tradition to take the last photos in this place of the mission home.
There is a lot of love right here!  Elder and Sister Anderson, Elder Christy, Elder and
Sister Withington , Sister Teuira and Sister Totele.
Well done thy good and faithful servants.  Sending our love with you. 
We were blessed to have Elder  Christy serve 3 more weeks before he  completed his mission
And left for Sydney.  President and Sister Parker, and the assistants, enjoyed a 
Quick dinner together with Elder Christy the night before he left. Love these Elders!
At one last leadership meeting.  Elder Christy here with Elder Salguero!