Sunday, 9 July 2017


What a wonderful morning in the Temple with these missionaries who will be leaving 
Us soon.  Elder Hamilton, Elder Escueta, Elder Taleo, and Sister Kosultrakul. These
Are obedient, diligent leaders in the mission and each one will be missed so much.
Surrounded by missionaries who love them. 
Also it was a privilege to have the MLC attend with us.  So how the MLC goes, so goes
The mission.  We are grateful for these incredibly faithful, talented, consecrated
Missionaries who lead with love.  Elder Ruppe, Elder Dietze, Elder Leutele, Elder
Bennion, President Parker, Elder Christy, Elder Au Wong, Elder Pickett, Elder Koch,
Elder Ellingson, and elder Heindel. Sister Collins, Sister Parker and Sister Maea. 
Missing:  Sister Caesar and Sister Marshall, Elder Hanley, Elder HArtman, Elder Tigafua 
And Elder Kuru, Elder Radovan and Elder Dickson. 
Elder and Sister Snell, Sister Flanders, Sister Petree, Elder and Sister Withington,
Elder and Sister Wilson, Elder and Sister Rohlfing, Sister Smith, President and 
Sister Parker. So blessed to have a Temple and to be in the beautiful house of the
Lord with these missionaries.  We love you all. 
Great AAM leaders and eternal friends.
More great leaders and also eternal friends. 

Blessings at home

Cameron and Emily move to Dallas and purchase their first home.  
Kimber and Craig attend the Alberta Temple!
Grandchildren together on a very hot Las Vegas day!

Accomplishments in school from hard work!
Jalen's trip to Washington DC to represent Nevada in National competition. 
Visiting Grandma and Grandpa Parkers home. Many wonderful memories here.

Boston holiday for Spring Break.

Father and Sons BYU Basketball Camp!
Cameron's graduation from Business School.
Jackie Riding the Subway!
Family adventures!
Visits to great grandma C and great Grandpa Ellis' house
Family Home Evening on skype from Boston to Utah!
Swim time with Uncle Craig!

Senior Night

A special night for senior missionaries was held at the mission home on Saturday,
July 1st, 2017.  Elder and Sister Farrer from Darwin and Elder and Sister Lea from
Alice Springs were skyped in .  We are still experiencing technical difficulties so
Its frustrating that they were not able to hear all that was being said but we continue
To make progress with the communication in this vast mission. 
We began the night with some review of what is happening all over the mission and 
For the need for the senior couples to be "watchmen on the tower" as the 110+ 
Missionaries are spread out all over South Australia. 
We had a couple of activites getting to know each other better.  We each told 3 true 
Things about ourselves and one untruth. Here President Gilligan tries to convince us he
Was once bitten by a snake on his leg. 
Elder and Sister Snell making us figure out who in the royal family they have 
Actually met???
It was so nice to just get to laugh and talk for an evening with valiant dedicated
People who are on a full time mission serving the Lord with one purpose. 
Elder and Sister Rohlfing never stop.  Even a fall where Sister Rohlfing received a
Bad gash in her forehead requiring several stitches and a fracture in her shoulder has 
Not slowed them down. Amazing!
Of course we had to have some finger foods.  I've said it before and I'll say it again,
This mission is filled with great chefs!
We are so thankful to serve with all of these wonderful couples.  We missed Sister
Sennett, Sister Barns, Sister Petree, Sister Flanders, Elder and Sister Farrer, and
Elder and Sister Lea. No matter where you are serving we love you, we pray for 
You and we are grateful for the sacred work you are doing to hasten the work in
The Australia Adelaide Mission. 

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Senior Couples

Elder and Sister Lea have had some visitors recently in Alice Springs!  Elder and
Sister Snell flew up to train and oversee the great Self Reliance Program in Alice
Springs. After a very rigorous schedule, and back to back trainings they went with the 
Lea's to see Uluru.  Then, Elder and Sister Smith went to Alice Springs for a visit.
they have been friends with the Lea's since the days when they all had little children.
They also took a trip to Uluru and spent some time sharing their knowledge of
Family History.We are very happy that these great missionaries love to be together.
Then Elder and Sister Lea went on a road trip for us.  They took a trailor and drove
From Alice Springs to Darwin.  They were able to load all of the furniture from a
 Senior flat and take it to refurbish the senior flat there.  They also were on assignment 
From President Parker to gather information all along the way from missionaries to
Be passed on to whoever will be serving in Darwin next after Elder and Sister Farrer
Return to the US.  They were also able to see a bit of Darwin while they were there. 
Just incase you don't think you can have any fun as a senior missionary!
Back in Adelaide, Elder and Sister Smith have ministered to Brandon and his mom
Julie, in many ways on Julie's path to baptism. We are celebrating her special day!
In Mildura, Elder and Sister Buckner here with Sister Totele and Sister Ili  visit with
one of our favorite people in Mildura, Rosie!  
Elder and Sister Rohlfing treating more missionaries to a lovely home cooked meal!
Elder Salcedo and Elder Shum are happy tonight!
Elder and Sister Withington were sent on a roadtrip to Victor Harbor and MT. Gambier.
Land of the beautiful Blue Lake.  Although this is not the season when the lake
Is most blue, it is still a great sight to behold.The Blue Lake is a large momomictic
Lake located in a dormant volcanic mar.  The color of the lake changes in warmer weather
To this....

They also were able to see the Umpherston Sink Hole.  Absolutely amazing! A sink
Hole is usually a disastrous phenomenon, but this was transformed into a wondrous 
Fantasy garden. Once a typical limestone cave formed by the corrosion of limestone 
Rocks by seawater waves. The top of the cave chamber collapsed on Jan. 9, 2010 and
Became a large open pit. 
Just a few of the many Elder and Sister Withington were able to teach how to begin
Family History for their own family names.  This is a group indexing. 
Elder and Sister Withington are doing a wonderful job visiting District Meetings 
Teaching the missionaries how to find their own family names.
The spirit of Elijah is alive and well in the Australia Adelaide Mission.
Besides being happy in the work, there are so many incredible 
Things to see in Southern Australia.  How blessed we are to be 

Friday, 7 July 2017

Modbury Zone

Elder McDonald coming back for more soup.  These hungry missionaries work
Hard and they love to eat!
We had the best surprise when  we got home from Modbury Zone Conference-Elder 
Tolbert, who completed his mission in the AAM several months ago, came to visit
From ST. George Utah.  It was so good to see him and hear all of the exciting
Things happening in his life.  Elder Tolbert was one of the City Missionaries who
Had a great part in starting the City Branch. 
Since Elder Tolbert has been home, the City Branch has officially been going now
For several months. The Teaching Center has been moved to the City Branch
Building, and the work is hastening.   HEre he is getting a tour of the City Branch
With President Scott, Elder Ruppe and Elder Dietze. Thank you for helping to lay the
Foundation for this great Branch in the City.  We love you Elder Tolbert!
Sister Draney and Sister Kosultrakul didn't have a ride home on this very cold night 
So they hopped in with President and Sister Parker and tried to get warm!It really
Does get cold once in awhile in Adelaide!
Elder and Sister Smith are assigned to the Modbury Zone to help with their flats.  They found 
This road...Elder Smith Road! In Mawson Lakes.  Elder Smith is famous!
Many thanks to these fantastic missionaries from the Modbury Zone who have been
Such a huge help with moving so many flats recently.  Zone Leaders, Elder Bennion 
And Elder Christy here with fairly new missionary, Elder McDonald as they finish
Another move.  Still smiling:)