Saturday, 9 September 2017

Pioneer Day in the City Branch and Royal Adelaide show

Elder and Sister Rohlfing here with City Zone Leaders, Elder Pickett and Elder Koch.
The Rohlfing's put on a Pioneer Family Home Evening for the City Branch with
All the fixins!  
Games they would have played in the 1820's.  the stick pull.
Learning Cats Cradle
Dancing the Virginia Reel
Corn Muffins and lots of other good things.  Learning about the History of the church
And the celebrations and traditions is so fun.  Thank you to Elder and Sister Rohlfing
Who do so much to bless the City Branch.
Its also time for the Royal Adelaide Show again.  This is our booth alll ready to go!
Elder and Sister Withington taking a few shifts at the Booth plus these wonderful
Sister missionaries using all of the tools we have been blessed with to share the 
Gospel. Sister Maea, Sister Starling and Sister Ili. Sister Starling sports one of the
Balloon animals Sister Lu taught them all how to make:)
Elder and Sister Snell, Elder and Sister Wilson and Elder and Sister Smith checking
Things out at the Royal Adelaide show on their p-day. 
We love it when members get involved.  Great job Jim Lee!  Great missionary!

The City

Can't get any better than this!  These very special brothers and sisters have made
The important choice to follow the example of the Savior Jesus Christ, and be baptized
By one having authority from God.  Congratulations to Su Fang Ming, Ma JiaZi, Yang
ChenHui, Ran Dan, and Liu Joe. We love these incredible young people who have a
Testimony of the Savior and shine with the Light of Christ. they are amazing!
Sister  Yan and Sister Brough are so happy today for these sisters they have been
Teaching about Christ.  It is a glorious day!
Elder Salcedo and Elder Li are master Teachers.  With great humility they share
Their testimonies with  all who will listen.
Felix and Max!  Newest members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. 
Such a happy day.  We love you so much. 
The Book of Mormon class in the City, taught by Elder and Sister Rohlfing is 
Blessing lives and bringing joy and understanding to these recent converts. We
Are so blessed.
Three of our favorite people here for Family Home Evening. Big Mike, Brandon and
Tanya. these are great people and missionaries. 
New Zone Leader in the City, Elder Dietze here with new missionary, Elder Siaw
With a new friend they are teaching.
Oh I wish I was there!  Elder Li and Elder Salcedo here with Felix and Jim having
Hot Pot!   Delicious but very spicey!!!!!!!Love these good men!

Missionary Multi Stake Fireside

Its springtime in Adelaide and the blossoms are out in force. 
I love this street no matter the season.
Sunday evening another wonderful Missionary Fireside was held at the Firle Stake
Center. The theme was "The Restoration of the Gospel."All were edified thru beautiful
Music and testimonies.  These Sisters were ready after the fireside to share the Mobile
Gospel Displays with many curious brothers and sisters seeking to know more.Plus,
We LOVE Summer Lu, the City Branch Relief Society President. 
Elder Ruppe and Zoey
President Parker with Serena and Lanhao Gao who shared a beautiful testimony this
Enjoying refreshments after the fireside. 
New missionary, Elder Tyler visiting with Sister Rohlfing and a brother here to
Learn more about Jesus Christ. A great night for all.  

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

New Missionaries

Its a great and beautiful day to pick up 2 new Sister Missionaries.  We have prayed for
Heavenly Father to send us more Sisters and we are so blessed!  Thank you for answering
The call to serve in the Australia Adelaide Mission. 
Introducing Sister Saoloto Faalavaau from Apia Samoa.  We are so happy to have
2 more wonderful sisters ready to serve.  Welcome Sister Saoloto Faalavaau!
We love you already!
Meet Sister Wang from Hong Kong. So excited you arrived safe and sound. We are so 
Blessed to have you here and cannot wait to see all the good that is ahead. We love you
Sister Wang.
First stop is the Mission Office where these 2 sisters are the first Arrivers to have their photo
Taken by our brand new sign. 
Sister Wang!
Sister Saoloto Faalavaau!

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Arrivers Training and a quick trip to NT.

What a great day with these new missionaries and their trainers.  Front: President Parker,
Elder Leutele, Elder Au Wong, Elder Tyler, Sister Thompson, Elder Liao, Sister Purvis,
Elder Stubbs, Elder Bennion, Elder Ross, Elder Fala, and Elder Christy. Back: Elder
Daniel seen-Jensen, Elder Bryner, Elder Dickson, Elder Hobby, Elder Lee, Elder Ruppe,
Elder Siaw, Elder Miller, Elder  Hartman, Elder Chen, Elder Dietze, Elder Maddock,
Elder Mose and Elder Degn.
Elders Tigafua, Elder Dickey and Elder Radovan joined us on skype from Mildura.
Elder Kuru and Elder Ostraff joined us on skype from Alice Springs.  We are so 
Thankful we can use skype now to involve those serving in outlying areas. Just
A short time ago it was all done by just listening on the phone.  Not fun!
We made a quick flying trip to Darwin and Alice Springs in about 48 hours to hold
Interviews with the missionaries.  It was such a beautiful day in Alice Springs.  
This is what was happening in Alice Springs and Darwin this weekend.  Elder and Sister
 Lea were being transferred!  Alice Springs loss is Darwins gain.  They have done
Such a wonderful work in just a short few months in Alice Springs.  they are loved by the
Branch and will be missed.  But they are excited for their new assignment. 
While in Darwin we got to spend some extra time with these two great Zone Leaders
Of the Darwin Zone, Elder Ellingson and Elder Hanley. They are so aligned right
Down to their blue ties!
And I got to have a quick visit with Rekita and her darling daughters while she was
Visiting family in Darwin.  This is such a beautiful family.  

Friday, 1 September 2017

A new Assistant and busy week!

A special mission conference call was held to make a change with the assistants to the
President. Elder Dietze has served as an assistant since he had not even been in the mission
1 year.  He is a great leader, an incredible teacher, is wise beyond his years, and leads
With compassion and love.  The Lord needs him to spend the last couple of transfers
Of his mission as a Zone Leader in the City. there are no words to express our love
And gratitude for all he has done.  Elder Dietze, we love you, and will continue to
Watch the miracles on your mission.  He has a deep understanding of the scriptures
And  is a totally consecrated missionary. 
Elder Miller has been called to serve as the new assistant to the President in the AAM.
A great missionary who comes with confidence in the Lord, humility,  great teaching
Abilities, patience and love for all, and a desire to serve the Lord with all of his heart,
Might, mind and strength. Elder Miller and Elder Ruppe will be a great companionship
As they lead this mission as the assistants. We love you Elder Miller and Elder Ruppe.
Great experiences, and miracles ahead. 
Elder Ruppe and Elder Miller jump right in and train these new missionaries at
Arrivers Training. They are Master Teachers!
A great companionship with many trainings ahead. Love these great leaders. 
Invited the Assistants to the mission home for a nice dinner with planning and
Going over expectations for the next transfer.  Watch for great things ahead with
Elder Ruppe and Elder Miller.  We are blessed!


We have had 6 more weddings of some returned missionaries as of late.   
Mr. and Mrs. Danny McMurray
Mr. And Mrs. Mitchell Wilkins
Elder and Sister Farrer. Oops!  How did that get in there?!?!?!
Mr. and Mrs. Brayden Pitcher

Sister Ma who is now Sister Uili!
Mr. And  Mrs. Matthew Jacobson
Sister Vaitaiki who is now Sister Finau! Congratulations to them all.  We rejoice in 
Marriage and families!!!  Families can be together forever!